Meetup hosted by Siteimprove

Accessible Coding and Design

September 7
16:00 — 19:00
Access with wristband
Meetup hosted by Siteimprove

Accessible Coding and Design

Coding, Beers, Digital Accessibility,

Want to be a better developer? Want everyone to be able to use your code? Come visit Siteimprove during Techfestival and check if you are coding for everyone and discuss digital accessibility with fellow developers.


In this coding workshop, you will be introduced to what digital accessibility actually means, why it is both important and good for business, and receive practical knowledge on how to do it right. Use the opportunity to visit the expert panelists and test whether the code and design you are producing is usable for people of all abilities and disabilities. Get expert advice on how you can make accessible code and design, and chat with users who rely on assistive technologies when using the web and help us make the web better and more inclusive for all.


Event photo by: Tirza van Dijk.

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