Meetup hosted by Børneliv

First Aid in Virtual Reality

September 5
17:30 — 19:45
Access with wristband
Meetup hosted by Børneliv

First Aid in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, Education, Children,
How to utilise the immersive feeling of being present in Virtual Reality to save lives?


Børneliv, a NGO consisting of medical students and pediatricians, has brought new tech and education in lifesaving first aid together. After facing difficulties with the classical educational approach in terms of awareness and planting memories of vital information, Børneliv decided to try new methods.


In collaboration with scientist, actors and production companies, three Virtual Reality-movies were made in the spring 2017. Each movie is rooted in situations where children gets severe hurt and an adult needs to act! Experiencing these situations in virtual reality is powerful and makes one wants to be prepared if such situations arrive. Børneliv is using the movies as an integrated part of first-aid workshops to empower people working with kids for public safety reasons.


What to expect


Come and hear the doctors present their work and approach, experience the VR-movies in a two-hour intensive first-aid workshop making the corresponding exercises on first-aid dolls dramatically more meaningful.


Event photo by: Børneliv
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