Meetup hosted by Kickstarter

Meet The Creators with Kickstarter

September 6
17:00 — 19:00
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Meetup hosted by Kickstarter

Meet The Creators with Kickstarter

Crowdfunding, Community,

Meet the creators!


As on open invitation to anyone who wants to see amazing creative project come to life, Kickstarter is very happy to be involved in this year’s Techfestival! Far from your average tech conference, TechFestival celebrates collaboration, curiosity and a human centric approach to tech…3 things we celebrate and champion at Kickstarter, and 3 great themes for the afternoon.



From creating a transparent wireless speaker, to writing a children’s book that teaches programming or exploring the future of sustainable food powered by insects…During this hands-on meetup, our team of Kickstarter creators will talk about the many inspiring stories of how they launched unique products and built communities while maintaining creative independence. A quick “how-to” keynote will be followed by a participatory panel discussion lead by Christoph Nagel, European lead for Kickstarter, to give you, the audience, not only the chance to listen, but to interact with the creators.




Keynote by Martin Willers from Transparent Speaker


Participatory Panel Discussion lead by Christoph Nagel with:



Drinks & evening program

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