Meetup hosted by studio

Making the future

September 5
18:00 — 20:00
Access with wristband
Meetup hosted by studio

Making the future

Maker, future, movement,

Have you ever wondered who is making the future? How to design it? What will be the next innovation?


The heart of innovation is not technology, but people who excel at inspiring experimentation and don’t see the boundaries set in our heads by time and conventions. The makers: independent inventors, designers and tinkerers. Is it yet a serious economic, technological force? Will it catalyze a resurgence of smaller-scale, local manufacturing? How to start making by yourself?


We will be debating all the above and tell you about our endeavors, learning, personal benefits and design approach to making the future.


About the organiser

Meetup hosted by studio.


You will get to meet: Joanna Skorupska, Kuba Borkowski and Anna Kuprian

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