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More than 16,000 curious humans gathered in Copenhagen September 5-9 for the second year of Techfestival to explore the impact of technology on our lives. 

During the course of five days 200+ events took place in Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s iconic Meatpacking District. Together with people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities we explored the relationship between humans & technology.

During the festival many magical moments occurred. Some were planned, and others just happened: Our think tank ‘150’ produced the Copenhagen Catalog of 150 principles for a new direction in technology. Incredible keynote speakers – from Claire Evans to Bruce Sterling – provided inspirational food for thought every night, while 250+ co-hosts took us on a deep-dive and created truly participatory conversations in meetups and summits on the most burning questions of technology. Finally, a lot of beer was drunk, beats were danced to, and high-fives and hugs were shared. And this is just the beginning!



Humans of Techfestival

Techfestival is a collaborative platform, depending on humans to co-create the experience . This year 250+ humans from all around the world contributed by hosting events,  140 volunteers shared their energy and welcomed the many curious participants with a smile. But most of all we are in awe that we had 16,229 registrations for our meetups and summits, creating a truly participatory conversation on the burning questions of tech.

In numbers:

  • 16,000+ humans taking part in our events
  • 200+ meetups, summits, open-air talks, installations & social events
  • 250+ co-creators making magic happen
  • 300+ speakers sharing their thoughts and beliefs
  • 35+ countries represented
  • 140 volunteers making the festival a reality

More photos:

Techfestival stories

Instead of trying to capture the atmosphere ourselves, we are going to let the participants, co-creators, speakers and partners tell their story about Techfestival, here:

The Copenhagen Catalog

During Techfestival 2018 our think tank ‘150’ convened 150 digital thinkers and practitioners from all parts of the world in Copenhagen for an intense 48-hour session on the current state in tech. The result is a set of 150 guiding principles for everyone who shapes technology today, The Copenhagen Catalog, a new direction for a tech industry that is slowly waking up to its societal challenges.

The principles as designed as posters and made available to the public. Find, sign, print and share the principles of The Copenhagen Catalog here:

Thank you to our partners

A lot of people contributed to making Techfestival a reality. But in particular, we wish to thank our partners who were early believers in this project. We would not be able to do this without your incredible support and love.

Get ready for 2019!

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