We have created Techfestival to find human answers to tech progress

Get ready: Techfestival 2019 will be held on September 5 -7!

The time is right for a new conversation on tech. One that takes us beyond Silicon Valley culture, innovation hype and AI-fear. One that anchors tech in society with human answers to technological progress.

That is the conversation we are having when we take over Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s iconic Meatpacking district, for five days in September.

We collaborate with more than 300 organizers from around the globe to co-create 200+ events, talks and activities. Our co-creators are given the challenge to create an intimate setting for participation, real talk and tangible outcome.

Across 10 tracks, we examine the ways technology shape our societies. We ask what really happens when technology impacts the way we relate, eat, play, learn, work, tap our resources, build our cities and exercise modern democracies.

Techfestival is open to people from all ages and backgrounds.

It’s an open invitation to anyone who wants to explore, debate and celebrate a human-centric approach to technology with wide open eyes, fierce curiosity and joyful enthusiasm.

Festival team
Marie Louise Gørvild

Festival Director

Lisbeth Chawes

Director of Partner Relations

Joakim Kromann Rasmussen


Kristoffer Tjalve

Head of Co-Creation

Sofie Thorsen

Head of Media & Digital Communication

Henrik Chulu

Techfestival Editor

Lærke Ullerup


Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Initiator Techfestival

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