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At Techfestival, we are privileged to partner with forward-thinking companies, startups, cities, ministries, public institutions, NGOs and foundations.
They are all joining the Techfestival platform to help propel a new dialogue in tech. And in each their way, they contribute to creating the next wave in tech.

We couldn’t do this without them. It is that simple. They encourage and inspire us to keep going and make a real and lasting impact.
Thank you for believing in this mission. We are forever grateful.

If you like Techfestival. You like them. Go explore the group below.


2019 partners (ongoing update):

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Join a group of progressive tech partners

Want to join our group of impressive partners and supporters. They are an impressive and visionary group. And they don’t mind more company.

Please get in touch with our Chief Commercial Officer Steffen Thybo Drostgaard.

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