Host a Festival guest

As a Human Hotel host, you have the opportunity to get close to like-hearted Techfestival guests from all around the world. You might end up getting inspired to join new Summits, create connections beyond your fields of interest, and at the end of the day, gather a whole new point of view and set of reflections.

You can host anywhere you want – as long as it’s your personal living or workspace – and for as long as you want (however, we ask you host for a minimum of three nights, starting on September 5th, and ending on September 8th, the day after the last day of Techfestival).

Human Hotel values human connections above amenities, so please don’t stress. Although you’re getting paid, you’re not a hotel, so there is no need to act like one. Human Hotel promotes human friction and memorable interactions!

Sign up to host now (closed for signups)

Sign up with Human Hotel today and enter “TECHFESTIVAL_host” into the “Recommended By” field to receive your discount.



Hosting step-by-step

  1. Sign up with our partner Human Hotel (closed for signups)
  2. Remember to type in TECHFESTIVAL_host in the Recommended by field
  3. Upload your space and info, and make sure to open your calendar on the Techfestival days & nights: September 5-8, 2019 (3 nights total, at 500DKK per night).
  4. Receive your 100% discount voucher code for a free 3-day ticket to Techfestival.


NB: Please be aware that we only have 100 discounted host-tickets for Techfestival available, so first come first served!



What are the dates?

The Techfestival guest dates are Sep 5-8, 2019 (3 nights, ending on the day after the last day of Techfestival). Choose this – or a longer host period if you prefer – and make it available in your Human Hotel calendar. Some guests may want to arrive before and leave a few days after the festival, so be sure to set the dates in accordance with what you can accommodate.

How much should I charge?

When hosting a Techfestival participant, guests’ price is fixed at 500 DKK/night. For all other Human Hotel guests you’d like to receive, you are free to set your own price.

I don’t want to display my home on the public internet?

Not a problem. You can choose “private” in the Human Hotel host setting. This will make you visible solely to other curated and verified Human Hotel community members.

What about insurance?

Human Hotel’s Host Insurance Fund will reimburse eligible hosts for damages up to $10,000 (USD). By the way – so far, they haven’t had a need to.


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