cph150 is a two-day think tank with 150 philosophers, designers, technologists, artists, researchers and writers. We focus on critical reflection of design principles, and challenge best practices.

Together, we write a progressive manifesto on responsible tech development. September 7-8, Copenhagen.

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Technology is changing the world at a pace that leaves culture, politics and law hopelessly behind.

Much tech development is being driven by people who seem to have little concern for or even awareness of both short and long term effect on society and on the human condition. The result is that what used to be a dream of openness and co-creation is rapidly becoming a nightmare of corporate control and a threat to our independence and freedom as citizens and users.

We must counter this development at the root. Only by influencing those who develop tech can we hope to ensure that future tech is made to serve rather than dominate us as human beings.

To this end, we are creating the “Copenhagen Letter on Tech”, a manifesto with clear guidelines for responsible tech development – a pledge from practitioners to users and to society.

Last Call for Philosophers

Apply here to join us in Copenhagen on September 7 & 8.

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