10X101Y01XY1Y0Z – A 5-Hour Musical Performance

Tuesday, Sep 5
19:00 — 23:55
Access with wristband

10X101Y01XY1Y0Z – A 5-Hour Musical Performance

Music, Performance,

A 5-hour electroacoustic performance in 6 parts, examining the concept of ‘binary’ and the unrealised emancipatory potential of technology.  

Part 1) Mission: Unmanned

Part 2) Dea ex macchina

Part 3) “The pleasure’s in the dematerialisation”

Part 4) command error

Part 5) 10101010101010

Part 6) “SUCK MY CODE”

Conceived by Lena von Geyso, Sophie Tassignon and Simon Vincent
Curated by Lena von Geyso
Performed by Sophie Tassignon (Voice & Live Electronics), and Simon Vincent (Live Electronics)

The cyborg is neither human nor machine.
The cyborg is neither male nor female – and yet both.
The cyborg subverts binary opposition.
The cyborg calls for an attack on the system of bisexuality.
The cyborg is the promise of neutrality.
The cyborg is the future that has already begun.

Binary code represents text, computer instructions, and data; binary codes determine our political, cultural, social matters and manners: The system of 1 or 0, true or false, either or or, meets prevalent dualities such as man or woman, analog or digital, black or white, utopia or reality, …

Can we infiltrate the codes of patriarchy?
Can we gender-hack the binary code?
Can we escape gender by means of technology?
What will gender in the future look like?
What will society in the future look like?

The emancipatory potential of technology still seems to be largely unrealized. The promise of the digital to be a tool for progressive politics and gender-political purposes is in extreme contradiction to the current realities of post-Fordist capitalism which is driven by a logic of exploitation and patriarchal image-regimes, reproducing gender stereotypes and online sexism. Furthermore the areas where new technologies are being developed and politically used, are dominated by inequalities of race, class, gender, resulting often in the promotion of cultural profiling and the ultimate suppression of ambivalence.

“If nature is unjust, we have to change nature,” the Xenofeminists proclaim. This equally applies to the politics of technologies as it does to the body, which can be manipulated biotechnically and hormonally through genetic engineering and gender hacking. From the Cloud to the body – from bit to gen, disciplinary patterns can be infiltrated and society emancipated.

The performances are linked to critical discourses that rethink gender and sex, power relationships, and predetermined social boundaries through technology. 10X101Y01XY1Y0Z unfolds an audio discussion panel, where audience members will be encouraged to read certain texts and to interact with the performing musicians in pre-determined ways, creating real-time discussion, commentary, and reflection.

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