AI & ML – Removing The Hype


AI & ML – Removing The Hype

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Time to Remove the AI hype and Dig for The Golden Data and Supercharge Sales Teams with Data Science


  • Talk 1 (20-25min): Melina Katkic – Homo Sapiens Sapiens AI & ML upgrade 0.1


Artificial Intelligence and its emerging bundled technologies like machine learning, artificial neural networks, deep learning and many many more are simple and complex terms at the same time. Involvement of such emerging technologies are now part of our daily life and we use them knowingly or unknowingly. Melina will unwrap the blackbox around, demystify some terms and processes around AI & ML and explain that continuous technical upgrade of our human skills is the only way to survive the disruptive fast-moving market today. 


  • Talk 2 (20-25min): Johan Broddfelt – Is your data golden?


Machine learning algorithms depend on data in particular formats. It is not always easy to see if the data you have in your system is suitable for a machine learning project. Join Johan in an exploration of some steps you can take to not only fit but also increase the amount of information you can extract from your data before you feed it to a machine learning algorithm. You may be sitting on a goldmine…


  • Talk 3 (20-25min): Emil Wåreus – Supercharging my sales team with data science


Today it is common to read about grand ML projects from large companies with enormous impact on their business. Are these types of complicated endeavours the best way to start your own ML journey? Not always! Come listen Emil describe how he increased the productivity of his sales team by analysing data and deploying an algorithm to supercharge their workflow, in one day!


  • Interactive discussion (45-60min)


Based on the content of the given talks Barrel AI monkeys will prepare a list of discussion questions but there will be a digital board available for the audience to ask their own. Interaction is the keyword for this discussion hour. The answer is 42.

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Melina Katkic (SE)

Data Science Leader, Barrel AI co-founder , NordAxon founder/owner

Johan Broddfelt (SE)

Senior Systems Developer, Barrel AI co-founder, FrontIoT partner/consultant

Emil Wåreus (SE)

Data Scientist, Barrel AI member, Head of Data Science at Debricked

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