AI-Powered Supermarkets: Reading Minds – and Stomachs

Friday, Sep 7
18:30 — 19:30
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AI-Powered Supermarkets: Reading Minds – and Stomachs

Food, Cities,

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How will you buy and get your groceries in the future? Will a robot refill your fridge? Will AI adjust your purchases to become more healthy? Will blockchain help you in tracking your purchases according to your values? Join a group of industry experts who present their plans and thoughts on the future of supermarket retail.

Your Host and Speakers

Torsten Arendrup is a member of the Country Council of Coop. With 1.7 million members and 1100 outlets, Coop is one of the largest retailers in Denmark. His interests are food quality and security. Besides using resources on Coop, Torsten has been in the IT industry since the birth of the PC. Torsten is the founder of Coop Garage, an independent thinktank/playground looking at the future of Coops values.

Johan Riis is Head of Digital Services Development, Coop Danmark A/S. After more than 150 years’ as leading food-retailer in Denmark, Coop is now transforming the traditional retail to the retail of the future: Already having a leading e-trade platform, a leading app and transforming the member democracy to use digital media. Johan still looks for disruption – international retail and new players rewrites the rules on a monthly basis.

Kim Escherich is Executive Innovation Architect at IBM. He is an executive geek with the ability to think out of the box. He works as a bridge builder across technology, strategy, and business – often as an enterprise architect and a facilitator involved in situations where technology has a transformative effect and there is a need to understand all aspects – from strategy to architecture.

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