Artificial Intelligence Summit

Wednesday, Sep 6
09:00 — 17:00

Artificial Intelligence Summit

Artificial Intelligence, Networks, Creativity,

Summits are one-day gatherings where a diverse group of people come together to discuss the bigger picture, share insights, and challenge best practices. They are invitation-only and have limited seats, so you need to apply to join a summit.

AI in practice and theory.
Conversations around the future of creativity, innovations in Applied AI and the limitations of technology.

Where do we stand, what are the major challenges, and how does the future look like?

AI is all the rage these days, it’s hard to tell the difference between hype and reality. The one thing that’s clear is that the nature of work and creativity are changing rapidly.

During this summit, we will hear from people building technologies today that are changing our definition of creativity, and discuss limitations brought on by the nature of AI (bias, understanding decision making, the future of creativity).

Key questions:

How do we ensure that there is minimal bias in machine decision making?

How does the future look like for people in creative industries?

How can we explain that which we don’t understand (looking inside AI networks)?.

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Summits are by invitation-only and limited to 150 participants.
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Summit host: Ramzi Rizk

Ramzi Rizk is a founder and CTO of EyeEm, a photography company building the world’s leading computer vision technology to connect its global creative community of 20 million photographers with iconic brands.

EyeEm’s Research & Development team develops EyeEm Vision, the company’s image recognition technology that keywords, captions and ranks photos based on aesthetics.

Before founding EyeEm, Ramzi was a PhD candidate researching privacy in Social Media, and an engineering manager leading teams focused on mobile and web innovation. Ramzi is a passionate software architect, photographer and pianist.

He loves product, scalable architecture, and the magical space where product, engineering and business meet.
Ramzi Rizk

* Summits are invitational one-day gatherings at the heart of Techfestival, each hosted by distinct thought leaders. Real talk on the topics where we need it most. A diverse group of experts within a specific field come together to discuss the bigger picture, and to share and challenge best practices.

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