Algorithmic Sovereignty Masterclass

Friday, Sep 7
17:30 — 18:00
Access with wristband

Algorithmic Sovereignty Masterclass

Democracy, Create,

Hidden algorithms are growing in power and importance. Their logic is often invisible, while their results are manifest. There is an urgent need for more awareness of decisions made by algorithms about the social and economical context in which we live. The metaphor of a “black box society” is perfect to understand the role that algorithms have taken in our contemporary and highly digitised world.

What is inscribed in such algorithms? What are the consequences of their execution and what is the agency left for the living world? What’s the role of sovereignty considering the ethic of algorithms? Sovereignty relates to the way a community can influence an algorithm, appropriate it, distribute it, share it and create new ones.

Denis “Jaromil” Roio
Jaromil inspires people to take cooperative action and operate positive changes in your organisation. CTO and co-founder of the think &do tank, a non-profit foundation with more than 15 years of expertise in social and technical innovation. Leading digital culture institution popular among digital natives and millenials.

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