Art as Translation: Live Performance in a Digital and Disembodied Age

Saturday, Sep 7
10:00 — 12:00

Art as Translation: Live Performance in a Digital and Disembodied Age

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Explore Art’s Ability to Make New Possible Systems out of Matter, Code and Movement

‘Art as translation’ is how we’re introducing this session. Prepare to plunge into questions of bodily experience and translation of technological and systemic matter – and the other way around: Art’s ability to make new possible systems out of matter, code and movement. 

The projects by Ragnhild May and Kosmologym will both be introduced, performed and opened up as collective experiments encouraging us to reimagine the borders of the digital and analogue. 

Ragnhild May’s latest work TEKNO is both a historical, musical and material investigation of electronic music and its inherent logic. The work is one of May’s many self-build instruments investigating the technology of very early computing and electronic music. The instrument can be fed with all kinds of material translating it into simple code and thereby rematerialised as techno music.

Kosmologym presents a different case in their work ‘Calcium Dance’ where the bodily interaction is instructed by a simple ball game inside a helmet that invites players to navigate with/in their inner ear. An extremely playful way of challenging game logic, perceptions and bodily disconnection and dialogue at the same time.

Some of the key questions we will pose for discussion:

  • How can performance art and DIY experiments add to our perspectives as humans (perceptive bodies) in a digital world?
  • What does bodily experience mean to our understanding of technology?
  • How can the artistic experiences impact (also critically) our ways of developing new technologies?

The session will be circling around live art performances and contemporary artists working with body, music and technology, especially how artistic practices have an impact on how we understand and engage with new technology.

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Ragnhild May

Ragnhild is working in the field between visual arts and music. She works with installation, performance and sculpture. Her works have been shown internationally, recent performances and exhibitions include Issue Project Room (USA), Konsthall Varberg (SE), SuperDeluxe (JP), The Danish National Gallery (DK).


Kosmologym is an art and game design collective. Our games challenge players to encounter others (human/animal, plant, mineral, institution) and place human bodies in physical relationships to global systems. Drawing on rules and artefacts from board games, behavioural economics, folk games, climate modelling and sports our games imagine means of co-constructing a shared cultural and natural commons. Our work and games urge you to explore, shift and abandon your boundaries.


VEGA|ARTS is a new visionary initiative that links Denmark’s most important music venue – VEGA, with ambitious and transgressive contemporary art in an investigation of coming together through art.

Over a one-year period (May 2019 to May 2020), VEGA|ARTS will include performances, installations, exhibitions, talks, workshops and thematical threads that combine the hybrid and performative art practices with the intense, intimate and cultural space of the live concert.

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