Augmented Reality and Marketing: Reaching New Digital Consumers

Wednesday, Sep 5
13:30 — 15:30
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Augmented Reality and Marketing: Reaching New Digital Consumers

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At this Meetup we dive into the possibilities of mobile-driven Augmented Reality (AR) within marketing. AR can be both an experience and a marketing tool. It enables companies to reach new audiences through emotional interaction straight to/from people’s smartphones. Using primarily social media platforms and text messaging, this method comes at a relatively low cost. Join us to learn about how agencies and retail companies collaborate, develop and process AR marketing campaigns together, and what platforms they use. The Meetup will feature a case-study, a Q&A session, and a competition … Come one, come all, and experience a new form of marketing campaigns.

Your host and speakers

Tommy Thore Ipsen is AR Director for World For Story, working within mobile-driven AR.

Paola Landazabal is General Business Development Executive for twa-brands. Twa is using AR marketing as part of their strategy to launch a new product: ‘Hangover Off’.


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