Ben Cerveny (US): Inhabiting Mindfully Coded Spaces

Saturday, Sep 7
16:30 — 17:00

Ben Cerveny (US): Inhabiting Mindfully Coded Spaces

An exploration of

Often we think of cities as accumulations of giant physical infrastructures: iconic bridges, branching metro lines, impressive buildings etc. But underlying all of these, is one of the longest-running continuous processes of human self-organisation:  the city is a rule-set, generations old.

Now the ‘disruptively’ fast moving transformations of mobile computing and cloud services are beginning to come in contact with these core, rules-based urban processes.  Almost every way that inhabitants relate to their city and to each other might be affected by new types of services. Devices and networks we once considered ’technology’ are now rapidly becoming ‘infrastructure’ on which many other basic needs rely.

How does the public organisation of a city itself respond to such disruptive forces? In his talk, Ben Cerveny () will look at our interaction with technology and the spaces around us, to uncover the answer.


Ben Cerveny (US)
For over 25 years Ben has worked as an executive, strategist, and designer in the context of operating systems, media applications, web services, products, the built environment, and digital games. Currently, he is the President of the Foundation for Public Code, which is working to help cities and other public organisations develop and share software and policy that is open, legible, and useful at the civic scale. Before this, he was a Design Fellow at Samsung, leading a project on room-scale programmable environments. Previously, he helped design the massively multiplayer game that became Flickr [and also named it], founded the Experience Design Lab at Frog design, and was CEO of Bloom Studios, whose data-visualisation app for iPad, Planetary, was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution.
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