Why and How Big Companies Need Startups to Innovate

Wednesday, Sep 5
19:00 — 19:45

Why and How Big Companies Need Startups to Innovate

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Startups are all the rage in the corporate world. It is easy to see why: The scale and firepower of large corporations combined with agility and creativity in startups should be a match made in heaven.

In this session Torsten Kolind, YouNoodle, will give the overview of why from a societal perspective big and old companies need startups to create tomorrow’s agile. Then Sara Hamlin, E.ON, will share her experiences from starting and running an accelerator program at a big corporation.

Torsten Kolind
A bioinformatics engineer by training, Torsten co-founded YouNoodle in San Francisco, a technology platform to source, select and engage the most promising startups in the world.

Sara Hamlin
Work as an Innovation Business Developer within Future Energy Solutions at E.ON and head of E.ON :agile Nordic accelerator.  :agile support early and mid-stage startups that develop smart solutions for the future of sustainability, cleantech and energy.

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