Biohacking for Personal Growth and Better Health

Friday, Sep 6
17:30 — 19:30

Biohacking for Personal Growth and Better Health

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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How do we use nature and tech to our advantage when living in this unnatural world?

Biohacking is rapidly moving from being a sub-culture to becoming an emerging trend amongst people who seek optimal health, performance, and wellbeing. Across the world, people are taking advantage of exponential technologies as well as old-school technologies to gain new insights about their bodies to become the best possible version of themselves. 

The question is, however, where do you start, and why should you start in the first place?

We are witnessing a fast-growing community of biohackers with a wide range of backgrounds, competencies, and motivations – all enthusiastic about the bridge between tech and their own health. At this year’s Techfestival we have gathered some of the most inspiring and grounded biohackers who will share their knowledge with us.

Join them for an immersive session which will include a good mix of inspirational (data-driven) health-stories and an awesome range of booths with all the latest biohacking tech and gear will be presented. Whether you want to hack your muscle density, understand your real-time stress levels, increase your focus with neurostimulation, or take a deep dive on your own biochemistry, this session will be right up your alley!

Come and try some of these hacks brought to you by thriving startups and join a discussion about how to use biohacking to improve our lives, without getting overwhelmed.

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Hear interesting input from

Rasmus Just (DK)

Rasmus is an angel investor and entrepreneur. As the founder of OsteoStrong Denmark, he will be talking about osteogenic loading as a method for improving bone density and increasing the body’s natural growth hormone production.

Balder Onarheim

Balder Onarheim is the CEO and founder of PlatoScience Neurostimulation and former associate professor in creativity at the Technical University of Denmark. He is also the lead designer of PlatoWork – a consumer device using tDCS technology to stimulate cognitive abilities such as focus and creativity. At Tech festival, Balder will be talking about the science and technology behind PlatoWork and what the future of consumer neurotech holds

Harri Lahtela 

Harri is the sales Director of Oura Ring. According to Harri, sleep is THE most important and fundamental thing one should “hack” and optimize for better health and performance. Harri is on stage representing one of the worlds most advanced and hyped sleep gadgets. He will be telling us about the science behind the importance of sleep and how Oura is supporting cutting edge science with its vast amount of sleep data.


Mads Misiak Friis (DK)

Mads is building health & wellbeing startups in the Venture Studio KRING, runs the podcast Growth Island about being the best version of yourself, and he started an exclusive brunch meetup group and conference on biohacking called Biohacker Lounge. Biohacking is interesting because it acknowledges that we are all different and combines personal development with health optimization with a scientific and experimental approach.

Martin Kremmer (DK)

Martin has been an avid biohacker since 2013, focused on bringing the movement of health optimisation, biohacking and natural healing to Denmark. During the day he is Global Director at EY where he is focused on using data as the connective tissue in creating better UX.  At night he is leading the Danish Biohacking Community and has a pulse on the global biohacking scene and enjoys linking global thinkers with opportunities in the health sphere in Denmark.  He applies strategic thinking from his day job to everyday health questions. As in business, he uses data to understand the impacts of changes to the body and mind.

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