Blockchain, Governance and Privacy

Friday, Sep 7
17:00 — 19:30
Access with wristband

Blockchain, Governance and Privacy

Democracy, Ego,

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This is for anyone who wants to learn about what blockchain is and what it can do to society. While a government that gives its citizens no privacy is something of an Orwellian reality, a government that allows its citizens total privacy cannot function. In most democracies, government granted privacy lies somewhere in between, with technology and bureaucracy as a primary limiter. Blockchain has the power to remove both of these limiters and create a better and transparent democracy; however, it also has the opportunity of becoming the ultimate surveillance system. Join us at this workshop and help us answer the question: “What will the fate of privacy and governance be in a blockchain-adopted society?” For inspiration, check out the paperclip game.

Your Host and Speakers

Vincent Choi is CEO of Reebo, former Head of Product at Zalando, and former interim VP of Growth at Clue. From New York City.

Gregor Žavcer is Cofounder of, a blockchain project defending privacy as a human right, to enable the foundation of personal freedom and a democratic data-driven society. From Slovenia.

Lesa Moné is Marketing Specialist at Gust.Network, a blockchain project for recruiting. From Germany.

Lisa Talia Moretti is Digital Sociologist, Strategist, and Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London. From London.

Leeho Lim leads Growth Strategy & Analytics at IOST, a layer 1 blockchain solution funded by Sequoia (China), Matrix (China) and ZhenFund. From Berlin.


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