Blockchain and Decentralized Interwebs Summit

Thursday, Sep 7
10:00 — 17:00

Blockchain and Decentralized Interwebs Summit

Ecosystem, Future of Investing, Blockchain, Decentralization,

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Realising the Potential of Blockchains
It seems that lately everyone wants to know about “The Blockchain”. Massive gains in token value, huge high profile ICOs & the spectre of SEC regulation have got everyone talking.

Blockchain and decentralised technologies are still very young and emergent. Yet some of the opportunities and problems that are arising now hint at things to come in this space. It is the perfect time to start exploring these issues and the larger societal implication of the technology.

This summit addresses the state of the ecosystem and the impact this technology could have on business as well as the everyday user. We will be exploring how companies can navigate the often complicated legal landscape, how to manage the emerging factions within the token space and how to build strong communities.

The goal of the event is to cut through the hype and explore the long-term vision emerging from these new protocols.
Some basic knowledge of blockchain is assumed, however we aim to create a lively interdisciplinary debate and welcome individuals from outside of the industry to participate.

Topics to cover:
Impact of the decentralized internet

Real-life success cases

Staying legit in a changing environment

Silo thinking and the need for a larger dialogue

Communicating complexity and building communities

Patient moon-shooting and looking at the long-term

This summit is limited to 150 participants.
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Organisers: Christina Frankopan, Anna Rose, Jutta Steiner & Elizabeth Stark.

Christina Frankopan is CEO and co-founder of Protozoa, a venture studio with a particular focus on open source software and fintech, including the next generation of blockchain businesses.

She is an advisor to VC’s OpenOcean and Firestartr on decentralised investment strategies including ICOs. With a background in finance, she also has an interest in the emerging field of impact investing.

Christina is a pro bono trustee of Bioversity International, an international agricultural biodiversity research institute. She read Economics as a Choral Scholar at Cambridge University, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments, and a Fellow of the RSA.
Twitter: @nichnachnoch

Christina Frankopan

Anna Rose is the co-founder of Videopath – an interactive video solution that lets users bring clickable websites into video. Primarily used for informational and educational video, Videopath is powering the content marketing videos of top european companies such as Daimler, Body Shop and Coop.

She is also the co-creator of, a community project connecting a diverse community of speakers with tech conferences around the world.

A graduate of Mcgill University and originally from Montreal Canada, Anna is a now resident of Berlin. There she is increasingly involving herself in the blockchain community and is excited about the dialogue, education and communication around the topic.
Twitter: @annarrose

Anna Rose

Jutta Steiner is a founder of Blockchain protocol start-up Parity Technologies Ltd. She was the Chief Security for the Ethereum Foundation prior and during the launch of the Genesis block.

Jutta is one of the early promoters of blockchain technology beyond the financial industry. While working with Project Provenance Ltd. for which she remains an advisor, she pioneered the use of blockchain technology for supply chains.

Jutta has a PhD in Mathematics and used to work for consultancy McKinsey before she came across Ethereum and became excited about decentralized web.
Twitter: @jutta_steiner

Jutta Steiner

Elizabeth Stark is cofounder and CEO of Lightning, a company building technology for fast, scalable blockchain transactions. She’s a fellow at Coin Center and has worked extensively in the realm of digital currency and internet policy.

Stark previously taught at Stanford and Yale about the intersection of law, technology, and society. She has advised a variety of startups in fields ranging from decentralized technology to AI and machine learning.
Stark holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School.
Twitter: @starkness

Elizabeth Stark

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