Breaking the Barrier of Open Source

Thursday, Sep 7
17:45 — 19:00
Access with wristband

Breaking the Barrier of Open Source

Open source, Hardware,

Meetups are independent community gatherings organized by Techfestival co-creators. Open to curious minds of all ages and backgrounds. Make sure to RSVP to secure your spot!

Do you have an idea for an open source project or you are about to jump on an open source project? Want some tips on what steps to take first? Or do you have doubts if it will bring you value?

Join us for a panel about open source projects and get experienced insights from the gurus of the open source community! We’ll discuss why open sourcing is important and address questions like, what value does it bring to your organization? And how do you start the process of open sourcing?


Photo credit: Airtame

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