Keynote by Chris Messina (US): The Technology of Better Humans

Friday, Sep 6
20:00 — 21:15
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Keynote by Chris Messina (US): The Technology of Better Humans

The Technology of Better Humans

As somebody who has been engrained in the development of the social media platforms that has come out of California, Chris Messina will share the story of the hashtag, what went wrong with tech and how tech culture needs to change and potential ways forward for social networks.

After 15 years designing technology products in Silicon Valley, Chris Messina (US) noticed that something essential has been missing; that in our race to make the world more logical and programmable — including our social connections — we have reduced the rich tapestry of human experience beyond recognition. Chris says it’s time to adapt the way that we build and conceive of social technologies, or we’ll be much worse off once the Alexas and Siris of the future eclipse today’s primitive social products.

Chris joins Techfestival to talk about how we must set ourselves upon creating the technology of better humans — that is, of investing in and creating better versions of ourselves. As a man who himself played a part in drastically changing the internet, Chris will talk about the possible outcomes for the future. Since it will be us — or our children — who will build the next generation of AI companions, Chris believes the only way to bring about the future that we deserve and desire is to start now by changing the culture of founders and makers, in order to have large-scale and lasting, downstream effects. The good news, he says, is that there are some who have already started down this path – and joining in may be easier than you think.

Chris talking at a Tedx event in Izhevsk, Russia, about the unlikely things he learned from inventing the hashtag and the democratising abilities it entails.

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