Coworking Summit

Saturday, Sep 7
10:00 — 16:30

Coworking Summit

This summit is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
Interested? Great! Please apply to join. Note that this summit has limited seats.

Advanced discussion for coworking veterans

Coworking spaces are some of our most vital ecosystems. As such, we must ensure they continue to thrive through unexpected events.

Join highly experienced, forward-moving, and thought-provoking co-working founders and managers from around Europe and beyond to discuss the challenges and immense opportunities faced by expert-level, coworking practitioners. We crafted this one-day summit for coworking veterans who desire more advanced content and discussion than they’re able to find at other coworking gatherings.

The Summit will tackle the four topics outlined below. Each topic will include a panel discussion, followed by group discussions on the same subject. The panels are comprised of and hosted by advanced coworking practitioners who have lived and thrived through the challenges of each particular session topic.

Session Topics

  • Crushing it with Content Marketing
  • Closing the Deal & Other Sales Tactics
  • Growing on Fertile Soil – Coworking Ecosystems
  • Property Technology and Artificial Intelligence

For a more detailed agenda, click here.

Key questions to explore

  • How do we build trust, brand and community through marketing?
  • How can we utilize great sales tactics in coworking spaces without being inauthentic?
  • Under which conditions do coworking ecosystems thrive?
  • How have other coworking ecosystems evolved?
  • What’s the latest and upcoming tech available for shared workspaces?
  • Does artificial intelligence play a role in the future of property management and coworking?


Desired outcome

Our event aims to bring experts from our industry together for deeper conversations than the ones typically happening at other coworking events. By talking about the unpopular and the tough topics, we hope to drive personal and career growth for those in the coworking industry.

NB: We’re still finalizing our panels. If you’d like to be considered for participation as a panellist, please fill out this form.

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Who are your summit hosts?

Ryan Chatterton (US)

Ryan has been involved in the coworking industry for over six years, originally with Impact Hub in Salt Lake City, UT, and PARISOMA in San Francisco, CA. In 2015, Ryan founded Coworking Insights, which was sold to in 2017. He is currently the Content Director at Habu, a global coworking management platform. In 2018, Ryan founded Deep Content, a digital marketing agency focused on creating engaging content for brands who enable location independence, new work, and mobile productivity.

Tobias Kremkau (DE)

Tobias Kremkau is a project consultant at St. Oberholz GmbH for coworking and New Work. Prior to that, he was the Coworking Manager at St. Oberholz’s coworking spaces in Berlin. Before joining the coworking industry, Tobias was the project manager of, one of the first blogs on internet culture in Germany, from 2013 to 2016. He is also one of the co-founders of the German Coworking Federation (GCF).


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