Community Leadership Summit


Community Leadership Summit

This summit is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
Interested? Great! Please apply to join. Note that this summit has limited seats.

An intimate gathering for people who bring people together

If tech is so disruptive to our systems, how come the communities of the world continue to thrive?

Community leaders from across industries meet to explore the economics, technology and culture that drive communities in today’s hyperspeed world.

Community leaders gather to discuss how some of today’s strongest communities are built around movements. We explore how community leaders have successfully identified cultural shifts at an early stage and build on that to bring people together.

We explore how movements form, grow and impact the world around us, why they matter today, and how they transform how we gather, participate and belong.

No keynotes, no slides. 100% real talk through breakout sessions, short talks and 1-0n-1 conversations.

Key Questions to explore

  • What constitutes a movement?
  • What values are movements built on today?
  • How do we identify shifting cultural norms?
  • Who leads movements today?
  • How do we organise ourselves?

Who should join?

The Community Leadership Summit is for people who build, lead and manage communities – from the powerful few to millions of members: Entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers, activists, communication specialists, strategists, researchers, organisers, founders, CEOs, investors and philosophers from a broad range of industries.

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What moves global festival audiences to join in the party?
Josh Greenberg (US) – Green Mountain Lodge & former Global Head of Experiences with Spotify

How to build a movement to challenge the status quo? With Zebras Unite
Jennifer Brandel (US) –  Co-founder Hearken & Zebras Unite.
Mara Zepeda (US) – Co-founder Switchboard & Zebras Unite.

How to run a social change campaign?
Jacob Åström (SE) – Co-founder Reform Society & Reform Act
Paul Ferris (US) – Campaign strategist at Reform Act, formerly with

One Team Gov: Growing a worldwide movement of change-makers, one micro-action at a time.
Sam Villis (UK) Collaboration Lead, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.
Imran Hussain (UK) Community of Practice Lead, DEFRA Digital.
James Arthur Cattell (UK) Community Builder, UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs & OneTeamGov.

How to co-create and distribute a manifesto:
Aydo Schosswald (GER) Technology entrepreneur & critic, co-author of The Copenhagen Letter, an ethical commitment by leading technologists.

Why we need permeability to build the future of museums:
Diane Drubay // Founder, WeAreMuseums & Curator, Museum Connections

Who are your summit host?

Severin Matusek (AUT)

Severin Matusek works across technology, culture and creativity to bring people closer together. As a co-founder of co-matter, a global network that explores what makes communities thrive, he’s passionate about creating experiences that empower people, let them participate and create value together. Over the past 10 years, Severin worked with brands such as Samsung, Apple, Google, Canon, Huawei, Erste Group and ASOS, was a founding member of Copenhagen’s Techfestival, built EyeEm’s community of 20M photographers and led Lomography’s crowdsourced publishing line. He studied philosophy in Vienna and Paris and now lives in Copenhagen with his family and bicycle.

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