Constructing Buildings and Energy Grids in Energy Efficient Ways

Friday, Sep 7
19:00 — 19:45
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Constructing Buildings and Energy Grids in Energy Efficient Ways

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Constructions and the energy grid itself are two key players in polluting our environment. Both are kind of grand problems to take on. But it seems like with the use of new technologies and good old community building solutions are in the making.

Marwa will share her work on how buildings can be affordable, low impact and climate responsive, both when they’re built and in use.

Pierre-Eloun will talk about how the recent development of solar, battery, EV and blockchain technologies can be combined to create new forms of local p2p energy energy markets of prosumers.

Marwa Dabaieh, Malmö University
Marwa is an architect and BioGeometry® practitioner. Her expertise is in zero emission and passive earth buildings. Currently Marwa is a Docent/associate professor at Malmö University in Sweden working on a research project for eco-cycle refugee shelter design.

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, Weou
Pierre-Elouan Réthoré is a researcher and a techno-social innovator associated both with DTU Wind Energy and WeOU, a collective working on transformative social and innovative projects.

The presentation will also address how those new micro energy markets can unlock new form of reciprocal relationship among neighbors and at a larger scale a new form of energy democracy, in which end-users can co-design and interact with their surrounding energy eco-system.

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