Cooperative Monopoly Meetup

Tuesday, Sep 5
17:00 — 20:00
Access with wristband

Cooperative Monopoly Meetup

Meetups are independent community gatherings organized by Techfestival co-creators. Open to curious minds of all ages and backgrounds. Make sure to RSVP to secure your spot!

In order to show how a different social system may bring a shared feeling of mutual enjoyment, we’ve been studying how a cooperative approach transforms the Monopoly rules into more pleasant ones: different rules bring different moods in the players.

In this workshop we propose a complete narrative where participants first play the Monopoly game using the standard rules, then change them as they wish, and finally – with the help of the workshop coordinators – experiment a different social system able to bring common enjoyment.

The workshop is coordinated by Cooperacy, a community that investigates cooperation science and social technologies in order to develop a better, pleasant social system. You can join the community anytime to learn about cooperation and contribute to build innovative social technologies.

Come and play with us, this time the city is in your hands!

Photo Credit: Ari He

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