Coworking Summit

Saturday, Sep 8
09:00 — 17:00
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Coworking Summit


Summits are one-day gatherings where a diverse group of people come together to discuss the bigger picture, share insights, and challenge best practices. They are invitation-only and have limited seats, so you need to apply to join a summit.

Advanced Practitioners Summit

This event brings together the most practiced and thought-provoking coworking founders and managers in Europe and beyond to discuss the challenges and immense opportunities faced by advanced coworking practitioners. We crafted this one-day summit for these coworking veterans, who desire more advanced content and discussion than they’re able to find other coworking events.

The summit will tackle three topics which are outlined in the schedule below. Each topic will be broken into two segments, a panel discussion and a group discussion, and each panel will be hosted by one of the co-organizers, all of which are veterans in the coworking world with immense experience and passion.

The panels will consist of three additional coworking veterans who have lived, and perhaps thrived, through the challenges of each particular session topic. Following the panel, the summit will break into three groups for discussion on that session’s topic, with each group facilitated by one of the summit co-organizers.

General Schedule
*Read the full session descriptions below.*

Opening Remarks
Speaker: Ryan Chatterton, Coworking Insights

Session One: Advanced Operations and Team Management
Moderator: Ryan Chatterton, Coworking Insights
Panelists: Ida Frost Kyvsgaard, Health Foundry, London / Marc Navarro, Utopicus, Barcelona / Stephanie Brisson, Techspace, Berlin / Group Discussion

Coffee Break

Session Two: Scaling Your Way
Moderator: Tobias Kremkau, St. Oberholz, Berlin
Panelists: Eleonora Cantini, Aticco, Barcelona / Kasper Kim Smidt, Founders House, Copenhagen / Katy Zühlke, St. Oberholz, Berlin / Group Discussion

Lunch Break

Session Three: Niches Aren’t Niche Anymore
Moderator: Matthias Zeitler, Coworking Bansko, Bansko
Panelists: Romy Sigl, Coworking Salzburg, Salzburg / Emil Steglich-Petersen, Republikken, Copenhagen / Lenneke van Rossum, Seats2Meet, Utrecht / Group Discussion

Closing Keynote
Speaker: TBD


About the hosts

Ryan is the founder of Coworking Insights, a coworking media platform focused on delivering unique and in-depth insights for coworking founders and their teams. He’s the Marketing Director at Habu, a quickly growing coworking management platform that is simple, fast, and intuitive for managing recurring billing, bookings, and other admin tasks. Formerly with Impact Hub and PARISOMA, Ryan now has over 4 years of combined experience in a variety of roles in the coworking industry, including marketing, events, operations, sales, software, and partnerships. He’s a digital nomad and a lover of wine and tacos. Coworking Insights was acquired by in 2017.

Tobias Kremkau is Coworking Manager at St. Oberholz in Berlin. Before that, he was Project Head of the blog, for whom he still works as an Editor-at-Large and as an advisor to the management. He studied political science in Munich, Venice, and Berlin. Tobias Schwarz is co-founder of the German Coworking Federation (GCF).

Matthias Zeitler is a location independent entrepreneur that is working on a range of marketing related software applications. He is a partner at Coworking Bansko in Bulgaria, a home for people that rather work together than alone in the amazing Pirin mountains. He is super power is to turn nomads into residents. He regularly speaks and mentors at various tech, coworking and startup events. His academic background is in computer science, he holds a MBA from Santa Clara University and a diploma in engineering from the Polytechnical University of Salzburg.


Detailed Schedule

Coworking Summit

  • Opening Remarks
    • Opening remarks and some ground rules for the day’s discussions as well as all the logistical concerns. We’ll also lay out our goals for the summit so we all know what we’re working toward at the end.
  • Session One: Operations and Team Management
    • We know it sounds boring, but for coworking veterans this topic is of incredible importance. After running our spaces for several years, many of us are at a point where we are losing passion or feel stuck. Some of us are burning through community managers and other team members in a seemingly hopeless loop of recruiting and replacing staff.
    • This session will focus on implementing more efficient operational procedures and on managing team members with greater effectiveness and compassion. Our aim is to present many useful ways to make your existing structure more effective, which will allow you free up time to grow your space, create more impact, or simply start enjoying your space and life a little more often.
  • Coffee Break
  • Session Two: Scaling Your Way
    • Scaling doesn’t just mean opening new locations or adding more floor space for your coworking community. It also means adding additional services for your members and guests. It means scaling your impact as much as your business. It means doing more.
    • In this session we’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with scaling, with more emphasis on the opportunities side.
  • Lunch Break
    • We know it’s a late lunch, so plan ahead. Eat a hearty breakfast and bring snacks. Some snacks will be provided at the venue.
  • Session Three: Niches Aren’t Niche Anymore
    • Niches are in Vogue in the coworking industry these days, but what does it mean to have a niche? Must a space be focused on things like childcare, hardware fabrication, or fintech to be considered a niche?
    • In this session we will explore trending coworking niches as well as ask ourselves how we can use nichification to reinvent and reframe our coworking brands. Even though they are amazing, we don’t need to be an experimental food lab or a women-focused workspace to be niche. Our own neighborhoods are niches as well, and they inform the culture of our coworking communities as much as shared interests and backgrounds do. Niches are, in fact, a way for us to further connect with our specific purposes and goals as coworking spaces, better serve our members, and have a greater impact on more people.
    • So, let’s get niche together.
  • Closing Keynote
    • Again, while we’re unsure who among us will deliver this keynote, or whether or not it will transform from a keynote into an event recap, we plan on closing the event with something fantastic.
    • During this time we’ll summarize what we’ve learned, embrace new connections as friends, and hoist our sails for the epic year to come.
  • Party Time
    • We decided not to waste our budget on a party, but instead used it to get more amazing people to the summit. So whether we join the ongoing festivities of Techfestival 2018 or claim a bar of our own for the evening, we’ll be in good company. Either way, it’s time to relax, discuss coworking or anything else, and meet the dawn with beer in hand.
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