Late Night Chat: Cybersecurity and Digital Warfare

Wednesday, Sep 6
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Late Night Chat: Cybersecurity and Digital Warfare

Digital Warfare,
The allegations of manipulations in the U.S. and French elections have shown the menace to society, and since the worldwide attack using the WannaCry ransomware, digital warfare has come into the public focus like never before.
Yet, the precautions that everyone should take in their everyday behavior, and the protective measures required of businesses and public institutions, are known to few.

Together, we will gain an in-depth understanding of the current threat landscape and challenge best practices securing a safe cyber environment to strengthen democracy.


Henrik Kramshøj

Description: Henrik Lund Kramshøj is a security and network engineer from Copenhagen. He has been working with internet security since the 1990’s, likes privacy, supports free access to strong encryption and also does some activism.

Twitter @kramse

Karen Lund Petersen

Dr. Karen Lund Petersen is Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen and Director of the Centre for Advanced Security Theory. Her primary research interests are security and risk governance, with a particular focus on intelligence, corporate security management and cyber security. Among her most recent publications is “Intelligence expertise in the age of information sharing: public-private “collection” and its challenges to democratic control and accountability”, Intelligence and National Security 2017.

Sebastian Schwemer

Moderating this session is Sebastian Schwemer, who is researcher at the Danish Internet Forum and the Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR) and frequently speaking on technology & society topics. Sebastian is also one of the initiators of #CPHFTW and Techfestival.


Twitter: @schwemer

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