Cybersecurity: How We Ship Safe Software

Wednesday, Sep 6
17:30 — 19:30
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Cybersecurity: How We Ship Safe Software

Cyber Security, Software,

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This meetup will be discussing the challenges of providing our customers with secure applications and services.


Topics will include:

  • How does secure software look like?
  • How does you customers keep their installations safe?
  • How do you develop safe applications?
  • How to you document that your applications are secure?
  • How do you prepare your team for the new threats in cyber security?


About Milestone
Milestone has 20 years of experience of delivering on premise software, online services and mobile apps for a broad variety of customers around the world.


About the moderators

  • Carsten Bøgelund is a Certified Ethical Hacker, with 20+ years of experience in software development. He is the Security Architect at Milestone
  • Mogens Abel-Bache is Director of Engineering, with 20+ years of experience in developing and managing software teams and project


Photo credit: Matthew Henry

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