Deconstructing the Unicorn

Thursday, Sep 7
08:30 — 10:00
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Deconstructing the Unicorn

Entrepreneurs, project management,

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Innovation and creativity have become cornerstones of modern tech. Creative processes are hard to contain in fixed structures, but the use of new methods, a constant focus on usability, combined with continuous research in user behaviour, we’re now understanding how to do it without losing ourselves and the fun of being at work. A fresh look at how to do modern product development.


• 08:30AM – Intro and welcome by Dennis & Stephen

• 08:35AM – User research in the wild – Aurora Suriel Melchor, Forecast

• 09:05AM – Google Design Sprints – Mads Fuhr, DIS/PLAY.

• 09:35AM – End, you can go to work now 🙂

User research in the wild

Good UX has become essential in the creation of digital products. In pursuit of this process, research creates a deep understanding of the user and their context. Continuous research generates a constant reality check that helps building the right thing. However, at the same time, a fast-paced startup environment requires pragmatism and flexibility and doesn’t allow for the meticulosity of an academic anthropologist.

Forecast is a product that enables a radically new way of doing project management in professional services.

Join us to learn about about the research techniques we used to build Forecast and the PM insights we gathered along the way.

Speaker: Aurora Suriel Melchor – UX Designer @ Forecast

Google Design Sprints and Creative Teams

How do you approach and manage innovation and creativity? The creative process has often resisted the desire to  be contained project management but new techniques andcollaboration methods allow business to reliably iterate towards great ideas without draining away the fun

 Mads Fuhr – Digital Director @ DIS/PLAY


Photo credit: Rawpixel

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