Digital Detox: Strategies for Being Mindful About Tech and Media Use

Friday, Sep 7
16:30 — 17:15
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Digital Detox: Strategies for Being Mindful About Tech and Media Use


We often use our smartphones to kill boredom since many of us can not stand doing nothing. The idea that scrolling your social network feeds while you are waiting for a bus is harmless is pretty common since we do not see particular consequences to this action. The problem is that avoiding moments of boredom and emptiness in our every day life stresses out our brain that constantly seeks for new inputs and information and never has the time to recover. To unlock our creative self and take the control of our use of digital devices it is important to put some boundaries and preserve moments of emptiness, even if in way is not sexy enough in today’s world!

Digital detox is one of the signs of our time. It’s kind of ironic how we both race to digitize all and everything, and need to actively limit our time spend on devices.

This session feature three perspectives for how and why we should  spend less time with technology, one of them for why media producers need to help viewers stop watching to reflect and have conversations about their experiences.

Monica Bormetti
Psychologist & founder of Smart Break, an Italian project that promotes a conscious use of digital technologies. She is also a member of The Digital Wellness Warriors, a group of tech wellness professionals dedicated to shifting the tide of digital addiction through education, humane-centered tech design, and community outreach.

Kate Coughlan
Kate is Head of Audience Planning at the BBC. She is a strategist who helps organisations to understand the people they want to serve. Kate has worked with commercial businesses, charities, public bodies and government. She now runs a team of strategists at the BBC who shape products including BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds.


Imran Rashid
Specialist in Family Medicine, Medtech Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author, Former Head of Innovation at Aleris, largest Privatehospital Chain in Scandinavia. Now consultant and expert in healthy digital habits. Writer of a book called Offline about smartphone and social media stress coming out later this year.

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