Demo-hour: 3 technologies you should know about

Thursday, Sep 5
18:00 — 19:00
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Demo-hour: 3 technologies you should know about

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In a fast-paced world of emerging technologies, its hard to keep up with the truly game-changing ones.

We have asked Danish tech guru and master reporter, Henrik Føhns, to help us pick some of the most impressive technologies, we are seeing these years. In this hour, you’ll meet the makers and see a demos of technologies, you simply need to know about.


Christian Grøndahl

Christian Grøndahl received his Doctor of Medical Science, PhD and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from University of Copenhagen and his MBA from IMD, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Christian worked as a veterinary physician/surgeon and assistant professor before moving to pharma and biotech where he has spent the last 20+ years in R&D, Corporate and Executive roles.

Before co-founding SNIPR Biome, he served as the CEO of Kymab Ltd. in Cambridge, UK, and was partner in the investment arm of The Wellcome Trust, London, Syncona LLP. Christian has been part of starting several companies. In addition to SNIPR Biome, this includes Freeline Therapeutics, Gyroscope Therapeutics, Quadrucept Bio Ltd., and Folium Food Science. Christian served as Executive Vice President, CSO and Head of R&D in Zealand Pharma and was part of taking the company through an IPO in 2010. Christian served in VP and Corporate VP roles with Novo Nordisk, heading up Cancer and Inflammation, Women’s Health, eClinical Development and Corporate Development and Strategy. Christian is the co-inventor on 20+ patents and patent applications licensed to public and private companies.

Presently, Christian serves as the Co-founder, CEO and Director, SNIPR Biome APS (Copenhagen, Denmark), Co-founder and Director, QUADRUCEPT BIO Ltd. (Cambridge, UK), Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, FOLIUM SCIENCES Ltd. (Cambridge, UK), Non-exec Director BioMe Oxford Ltd., (Oxford, UK).

Jan Madsen

Jan Madsen is a professor in computer-based systems and vice-deputy at the department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

His research interests include modelling, analysis and design of microelectronic, microfluidic and microbiological computing systems. Jan’s research mainly focuses on design tools and methods for multi core microelectronic computer systems. In this field, he is co-inventor and holder of two patents of a self-healing computer architecture that was validated together with JPL NASA, California, for a satellite instrument application. Based on this, he co-founded the spin-out company Biomicore (2012-2015). Jan is also heading a research group on Embedded Systems Engineering.

Since 2008, Jan’s team has pioneered research in design methods and compilers for microfluidic biochips. He is currently developing cheap and accessible Point-of-Care diagnostic devices based on printing miniature biochemical laboratories on paper, which can be operated from a smartphone.

In recent years Jan has also applied his knowledge of computer systems to synthetic biology with the aim to build tools for biomolecular computing machines. He is currently developing a genome compiler to re-program living cells, thus contributing to research on the human DNA.

He is an internationally recognized expert in information and communication technology for e.g. Horizon 2020, the biggest EU research and innovation program.


Rasmus Lundby Pedersen

Research and development engineer at Dianova A/S with a background in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He develops medical device software and signal processing algorithms for the utilization of neural activity from EEG measurements.

His current focus revolves around the design and development of Brain-Computer Interfaces for commercial applications, bringing the world of neurotechnologies out of research and into the hands of the people who may benefit from it.


Henrik Føhns is an award winning editor and anchor of the podcast Techtopia published by the Danish Engineering Society. He reports on cutting edge technology, futurism and tech’s impact on society.

Columnist at Danish daily Politiken and blogger at weekly tech magazine Author of the book “Den Globale Puls”.

Former anchor, editor and cofounder of the prize winning feature radio program Harddisken at the Danish Broadcast Corporation.

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