Demystifying Data Driven Sales

Wednesday, Sep 6
17:00 — 19:00
Access with wristband

Demystifying Data Driven Sales

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Demystifying data driven sales.

Data driven sales is the sure fire way to get better qualified leads and more effective selling, or so we’ve heard. At this meetup Cluedin together with IDA and the help of SingularityU, wants to demystify data driven sales, and explore how you can integrate the future of sales, at your company, tomorrow.

Everybody is selling, whether you’re a shark with 10 years of experience, an average joe or a representative of a larger company, we have no doubt you will find this event intriguing.


-Introduction by Cluedin’s Tim Ward, sketching out the challenges companies face with data on their prospects
-Case story with representative from company that have moved to data driven sales
-Representative from data enrichment provider about the power of data in sales
-Cluedin about how practically implementing these measures to ensure a more data driven sales operation


Drink and snacks will be provided for free at the event.’

Photo credit: Dennis Krummer

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