Designing Spaces from Within: VR as a Design and Planning Tool

Friday, Sep 7
09:30 — 11:30
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Designing Spaces from Within: VR as a Design and Planning Tool

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From pen to paper. From paper to computer graphics. In the end, it is all rendered on a flatscreen. The step from design idea to physical object is a big one. In what ways can Virtual Reality (VR) help us bridge this gap-and can it even help us design better spaces and objects in the future?

At this VR Meetup we welcome all passionate architects, tech-savvy industrial designers, and extraordinary real estate developers to engage in a dialogue, asking ourselves: What are the possibilities of Virtual Reality in the design fields and will it drive certain domains beyond?

Your host and speakers

Thomas Klein is CEO of Beyond Domains, an immersive media agency creating impactful Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for the domains of real estate, automotive, media, and commerce.

Kristian Klok is a multifaceted creative. Today, working with POND, he accelerates as Creative Experience Designer and imagining work process with Virtual and Augmented Realities. With his innovative thinking, Kristian creates meaningful and memorable experiences to make brands more desirable and unique in driving business growth.

Ansgar Jahn is the director of R&D at Beyond Domains. He focuses on developing exciting features and tools which help business to thrive in mixed reality. Coming from the game industry he constantly brings curiosity and knowledge that allows him to design and program stunning solutions.

Charlie Stegemann is strategic director for Beyond Domains where he manages everything related to the marketing & sales strategy. His biggest passion is shape brands and communities with unique digital solutions.

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