Digital Manufacturing Summit

Wednesday, Sep 6
09:00 — 17:00

Digital Manufacturing Summit

Summits are one-day gatherings where a diverse group of people come together to discuss the bigger picture, share insights, and challenge best practices. They are invitation-only and have limited seats, so you need to apply to join a summit.

Matter really matters.

Before you venture into the world of Digital Manufacturing, try taking a moment to observe ‘stuff’ in the room you are in. Look at the lamp that lights your working space. Reach out for the cup of coffee next to you, your pencil or the shoes maybe resting next to your chair. Also, gage the surface of this chair; its material, shape and size. Are you comfortable? Are you sitting just right?

Its designer would like to think you are. As most designers, she/he has designed this chair with you at the center. Your needs, your body and your taste. Did the designer get it right? Or come to think of it, would you have sat in a slightly different chair – if only you knew how to design and produce?

Herein lies the promise of digital manufacturing: that one day, the material, shape and size that currently make up our material world no longer is defined by a few. But by all of us.

Just discuss design with your AI software. Just press print on your 3D printer. Just drag and drop your robotic arm.
Disruptors of our material world, if you are one of them, “don’t design us a chair, design something we can sit in”.
And then, give it a new name.

Key questions

What are the new technologies and academic fields driving the future of manufacturing and can we talk of them without discussing new consumption patterns?

The ‘prosumerism’ dream: are we finally here?

How will individuals be connected in the future if not through products? And what about nations?

Time to act – why is Digital Manufacturing so important for reducing social inequality and environmental degradation?

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Summits are by invitation-only and limited to 150 participants.
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Summit Host: Märtha Rehnberg & Mads Kjøller Damkjær

Märtha Rehnberg is Co-Founder of DareDisrupt, a company that advocates disruptive innovation to transform value systems that inhibit social and environmental equity.

As former intrapreneur with shipping giant Maersk, her mission was to disrupt environmentally exhausting mass production and consumption. If forced to label herself, she goes for “environmentalist” and “hopeful Marxist”.

Twitter: @MarthaRehnberg

Mads Kjøller Damkjær is a designer, creative x and has spent most of his life building and leading startups and design driven companies in different parts of the world from Europe to Asia to the US.

Currently he is leading AM-Lab under development, an innovative driven fund to support the mindset and sustainable approach around 3D printing, the 3D ecosystem and exponential technologies that drives growth, circular economy and cross technologies for a better future.
Twitter: @madskd

* Summits are invitational one-day gatherings at the heart of Techfestival, each hosted by distinct thought leaders. Real talk on the topics where we need it most. A diverse group of experts within a specific field come together to discuss the bigger picture, and to share and challenge best practices.

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