Digital Wellness, Part 2: Disconnect to Reconnect

Friday, Sep 7
10:45 — 12:45
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Digital Wellness, Part 2: Disconnect to Reconnect

Ego, Youth,

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NB: Capacities are limited. Please RSVP to register, and arrive in good time to secure your spot!

Technology is constantly evolving, incredible yet pervasive, challenging us to establish best practices for mental health and socialization. Join us at this Meetup to learn how intentional tech practices are being used to both prevent and recover from burnout and sensory overload. Discover strategies for young professionals to sustain wellness in the digital age, and methods for university students to create mindful, digitally aware communities. Shift your tech habits to from fatiguing you to fuelling you, and find the optimal balance between productivity and self-care in an era of overstimulation.

In Part 2 of our Digital Wellness meetups, we invite you to join us for the ultimate recharge: A two-hour digital wellness retreat where attendees power down their smartphones and gadgets in exchange for an off-the-grid rejuvenating workshop. Experience deep rest through a guided meditation and learn stress reduction techniques that you can carry with you beyond the festival into your everyday life. Join us in a sense of community as we disconnect to reconnect!

Participants can come for just one of the two Parts or stay for both. For Part 1, click here

Your host and speakers

Nina Hersher (US) is the Owner and Founder of Nourishing Habits™ Wellness Company, a resource center providing digital wellness counselling and educational seminars on best practices in productivity and self-care. Hersher is a certified Teen Outreach Program® Facilitator and an Oasis in the Overwhelm Facilitator, as well as a consultant for mental health start-ups and recent co-founder of The Digital Wellness Warriors, a group of tech wellness professionals dedicated to shifting the tide of digital addiction through education, humane-centred tech design, and community outreach.

Susan Reynolds (US) has 20 years of experience developing strategies that balance the impact of a digital world, and speaks, writes, teaches, and researches the escalation of technology for teens and 20s. A 30-year veteran educator and trained mindfulness and yoga teacher, she integrates the practice of mindfulness to counter the overstimulation and addictive natures of 24/7 connectivity. She’s the Co-Founder of Mindhood, and also a member of The Digital Wellness Warriors.

Pat McAndrew (US) works as a digital wellness consultant and actor in New York City.  He is the Founder of The Low Tech Trek, a community committed to discovering a better balance between how we use technology and striving to develop deep, meaningful relationships, and an active member of The Digital Wellness Warriors. Using methods rooted in theatre and performance, Pat educates individuals, businesses, and organizations on maintaining digital wellness, and is a performer with his one-man show REEL.

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