Diversity Summit

Thursday, Sep 7
13:30 — 16:00

Diversity Summit

Diversity, Startups,

Summits are one-day gatherings where a diverse group of people come together to discuss the bigger picture, share insights, and challenge best practices. They are invitation-only and have limited seats, so you need to apply to join a summit.

Gender diversity works, we know this is for a fact – how to get there?

Everybody knows intuitively that diversity matters.

Business facts support this. Public companies with more diversity are more likely to have higher financial returns. Research by Mangrove Capital Partners came to the same conclusion. Gender diversity has worked in Mangrove’s most successful tech companies.

Diverse companies are able to recruit better talent, improve their customer orientation, corporate culture, decision making… leading to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns.

Macroeconomic trends also require that the tech world makes diversity a priority. If you start or invest into a startup today, you need to be thinking about what the market will look like in 10-15 years from now.

Despite all the hype, the % of women-founded VC backed startups has plateaued since 2012. Over 90% of VC partners are men. We, startups and VCs alike, need to find new ways to make European tech more diverse.

Achieving great diversity isn’t easy. We believe that 2012 to now has been about data collection, recognizing the problem. Tech people spend their lives looking for solutions to big problems. Let’s make the next 5 to 10 years amazing times for all tech enthusiasts. We think we can effect change.

Key questions:

The creation of networks like might be a good start to promote diversity… What other ways can we find to increase diversity?

What are the key issues holding women back from making a career in tech? How can we tackle them?

How can tech companies and VCs foster more diverse corporate cultures?

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This summit is limited to 150 participants. To join and contribute .

Summit hosts: Michael Jackson and Yannick Oswald

Michael is a Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners and was previously the COO at Skype. Outside of Mangrove, Michael is on the board of AXA and Blockchain.

Twitter: @overdrev

Yannick is a Principal at Mangrove Capital Partners and founder of

Twitter: @yannickoswald

* Summits are invitational one-day gatherings at the heart of Techfestival, each hosted by distinct thought leaders. Real talk on the topics where we need it most. A diverse group of experts within a specific field comes together to discuss the bigger picture, and to share and challenge best practices. To join and contribute .

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