Education: Two Ways

Saturday, Sep 7
13:00 — 15:00

Education: Two Ways

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The future of education is also the education of the future!

This session is divided into two parts.

Part I

A world-wide learning revolution has begun – are you a part of it?

More knowledge and information is available at the click of a button every single day. Eventually, anyone will be able to learn anything, at any time, regardless of their social and economic background. But wait a minute, do you have a say in what types of learning opportunities are made available to you right now? Today, it is the corporate tech giants and academic researchers making all the decisions about how and what you learn.

90% of funds spent on education are invested in the first 25 years of a person’s life. However, the need to keep abreast of knowledge of social, health, political and other issues does not stop – on the contrary, it is moving faster and faster as the lifelong learning is becoming a commodity. You might ask yourself why re-education is rapidly on the rise? There are major developments taking place in the global workforce partly due to AI and increasing automation- it is transforming the way we understand IT, medicine, nutrition and many other areas.

A well-functioning democracy depends on well-educated global citizens. Could a solution be to use online learning platforms? 

There are unprecedented mechanisms that help determine what you learn, see and read. Will AI and algorithms help manage your information? We risk being exposed to biases and misinformation, but is it a real risk? What can ensure that the democratic process remains unbiased in the future?


Annemette Broch (DK)

Founder, Data For Good Foundation

Helle Rootzén (DK)

Head of LearnT – Centre for Digital Learning Technology, DTU

Esben Trier (DK)

COO, CanopyLAB

Mikkel Frich (DK)

CEO, EdTech Denmark

Part II

Coop Denmark has a vision of upgrading today’s younger generation to be the first that cooks better than their parents. The “Go Cook” programme is the largest school activity in 4-7 th grade. But learning how to cook is not all. To be able to cook, you also need to understand how food is produced. This is where DTU and other partners step in.

DTU is a major partner in “Ha(c)k your Greens”, a digital learning universe for the teaching of biology in the elementary school, promoting healthy food habits in children from 7th to 9th grade. The vision of the project is to create an engaging community of pupils, where knowledge, and experiences with designing your own greens in a high-tech and fun way, create an interest in food, meals and health. The ‘Ha(c)k Your Greens’ learning universe comprises of a food computer integrated with a web-based platform, where the students can programme how the greens will grow and find to educational material. This way teaching the journey from soil to table is moved into the classroom and the biology classes. 

Ha(c)k your Greens is a cooperation between DTU Food, Copenhagen University College, DTU Skylab and Center for Playware at DTU Electro. It is supported by the Nordea-foundation.


Rikke Andersen (DK)

Senior Researcher at National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

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Torsten Arendrup (DK)

Torsten is the Founder of Coop Garage, an innovation hub for spreading the ideas and values of Coop amba. Supports startups in the food industry. Strong focus on SDG’s, democratic ownership and flat organisations.

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