Keynote by Clive Thompson (CAN): The Efficiency Obsession

Thursday, Sep 5
20:00 — 21:15
Circle Stage at Festival Center, Meatpacking District, Copenhagen
Access with wristband

Keynote by Clive Thompson (CAN): The Efficiency Obsession

The Efficiency Obsession

Coders love efficiency — automating any repetitive parts of human life, speeding things up. In this talk, Clive Thompson describes this core aspect of programmer culture to examine how the pursuit of a ‘frictionless’, automated world has begun to cause civic and economic challenges. What parts of society get *worse* when they’re sped up?

What rules guide coders when coding our world? And what parts of society get worse when they’re sped up?  

Clive Thompson is of generation C64 (Commodore 64), and would most likely have become a programmer had his mom not put a ban on video games. Today, Clive has switched out the complex code with idioms and syllables as a contributing writer for The New York Times and Wired. Clive has also authored several books linking tech changes with civic and economic challenges, putting the average human face to face with complex technological development.

Clive Thompson at Commonwealth Club, California, talking about his latest book “Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World” and the history and politics of coding culture in America.


Picture by Liz Maney

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