The EnergyTech Revolution: Toward an Active & Conscious Electricity Consumption

Wednesday, Sep 5
17:00 — 19:00
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The EnergyTech Revolution: Toward an Active & Conscious Electricity Consumption

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Faced with serious climate challenges, innovative solutions to energy consumption are more important than ever. Even so, the energy industry lacks substantial and innovative solutions that engage end-consumers: you, me, all of us.

At this Meetup, we gather researchers and innovators to discuss questions such as: How can smart grids, smart meters, and smart homes positively impact our daily lives and societies? How green is your electricity? Can Machine Learning and AI help the energy industry step into the 21st century? We are hoping to meet lots of climate-conscious people interested in new technologies for an engaging discussion.

Your Host and Speakers

Christophe Lephilibert is CMO/Head of Growth at Barry. He is a business developer with an extensive corporate background within the FMCG, electronics, and luxury goods industries, before changing path into the startup ecosystem the last five years, working on projects ranging from SAAS (, fintech (MobileLife) to cleantech & mobility (Advansolar). Christophe loves to make complex topics graspable for the broader audience and he will be the moderator of this meetup.

Olivier Corradi is a Data Scientist, Software Engineer and founder of the start-up Tomorrow ( He is working on using AI and Data Science to find scalable solutions to climate change. He was previously head of data science and engineering at AI start-up Snips, and worked at Google and IBM Research.

Pierre Pinson is a Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. His research and teaching combine mathematics, economics, meteorology and behavioural economics to rethink energy systems and markets to rethink energy systems and markets with renewable energy and consumers at the centre. Currently, he leads the Energy Collective project among others, with the aim to design and demonstrate consumer-centric (peer-to-peer) electricity markets in collaboration with the Svalin community housing.

Trine Pallesen is an economic sociologist and organization scholar from Copenhagen Business School. She studies how markets are designed and organized to solve societal problems. Empirically, she is interested in the decabonization of the electricity system. She is currently involved in the EcoGrid 2.0 demonstration as well as the I-REMB research project.

Jesper Kronborg Jensen is currently working as an economist at Energinet. Works with supporting innovation in the Danish electricity market through publication and utilization of (open) energy data. Responsible for providing “Data as a Service” (DAAS) for external parties with special energy data requests, publication of their “DataHub Market Report” as well as ensuring some of their legally mandatory dataset deliveries.

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