The Ethics of Biohacking: How Far Should We Go in Hacking Our Brain and Body?

Thursday, Sep 6
17:30 — 19:30
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The Ethics of Biohacking: How Far Should We Go in Hacking Our Brain and Body?


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By 2022, 20% of healthcare industry services will be delivered via customer-focused «quantified self» applications, but what happens when ethics and regulations get in the way of your efforts to solve a real problem? At this Meetup, we are hosting an international panel discussion on emerging technologies in Healthcare, bringing together physicians, biohackers, data scientists, investment experts, and technologists to weigh in on the big problems of augmenting healthcare with emerging technologies and treatments. We want to hear how you want to be treated when you visit the clinic and you need an MRI. Will you demand that a human read your MRI? Would you want algorithms to make decisions for you? What if the machine gives you a different answer based on your skin color, but you never told it your ethnicity? Take your health into your own hands and join the discussion!

Your Host and Speakers

Ed Gelman is an American healthcare Data Scientist. Applying practical, easily understood, and robust predictive analyses to real-world problems is his passion. Ed has a strong interest in Personalized/Precision Medicine, and believes that all relevant patient information – care history, sociodemographics, geography, genomics, environmental factors, etc – can and should be used to improve healthcare quality.
Matias Seidler is an independent consultant, teacher and podcaster. MA in Philosophy and health promotion with a focus on bioenhancement, the philosophy of well-being and futurology. Matias has flirted with different biohacking methodologies since the turn of this century.


Balder Onarheim is a serial entrepreneur and Associate Professor in Creativity at the Technical University of Denmark. He is the founder of the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity and CEO at PlatoScience. He is a popular speaker with talks at prestigious conferences and universities around the world, and more than 300.000 people have seen his TEDx talk “3 Tools to Become More Creative”.


Eskild Hansen grew up immersed in design and architecture as a third generation industrial designer. After completing an industrial design education in Denmark, he moved to New York City to begin a career that would lead to design leadership roles including Global Director of Design at Coloplast and Head of Cisco’s European Design Center. He is also a sought-after speaker on design, innovation, and leadership, having presented to audiences across the globe.


Arthur De Roey, the moderator for this meetup,  works as an operations executive and has extensive experience as an investment manager in the biotech and pharma space. He is representing the Biohacker Center Denmark, a not-for-profit organization focused on applied research into digital health, wearables, quantified self and biohacking.


Martin Kremmer, co-moderator for this Meetup, is a lifelong biohacker with extensive international training through Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coach programme and the SealFit Academy. With his background in technology and user experience design, he applies a systems-thinking approach to health and physical training. Martin is the co-founder of Biohacker Center Denmark where he is currently working to establish a platform that will disrupt the general perception of what “normal” health and wellbeing is – using solid data-driven storytelling.

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