Fab City Global Summit

Thursday, Sep 7
09:00 — 17:00

Fab City Global Summit

Summits are one-day gatherings where a diverse group of people come together to discuss the bigger picture, share insights, and challenge best practices. They are invitation-only and have limited seats, so you need to apply to join a summit.

Fab City Global Summit 2017: Locally productive, globally connected cities of the future.

In collaboration with Fab City Research Lab in Barcelona, the Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen Municipality, Maker and Fab Lab UNDERBROEN will be hosting the official Fab City Global Summit 2017 in Copenhagen, 7-8 September 2017.

Fab City is a global push to promote the development of locally productive and globally connected cities. Multiple cities are collaborating to develop a new urban model, in which the production and recycling of materials is concentrated in the cities using new technology, and imports and exports are increasingly centred on data (information, knowledge and design).

The ambition is to create resilient cities that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while drastically increasing entrepreneurship, local production and economic growth. Fab Cities is thus based on the technological hyperinnovation and entrepreneurial energy that is flourishing within the Maker Movement’s Fab Labs all around the world.

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Summits are by invitation-only and limited to 150 participants.
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Summit Hosts: Christian Villum & Julie Hjort

Driven by a keen interest in exploring new boundaries for strategic design, Christian Villum’s work as Programme Director at the Danish Design Centre involves examining new trends and ideas in the span between technology and design thinking.

With a background in areas such as maker technology, sharing cultures, new business models, open data and open design, internet culture and hacktivism, he enjoys developing communities and bringing people together with the purpose of sharing new ideas and generating change.

His work explores future currents in technology from a design perspective in order to discover what design can be and should be, now and in the future.

His previous roles include co-founding and heading the experimental Platform4 Art & Technology hub, being a front-runner in the use of Creative Commons content licences, building global communities for the UK-based non-profit organisation Open Knowledge (Foundation) and initiating a wide range of entrepreneurial projects and companies.

Twitter: @villum
Christian Villum
As programme director at the Danish Design Centre, Julie Hjort works with design in relation to technological development, co-creation and open source.

With a background in culture and the arts, she is interested in exploring how creative environments, such as the maker movement, can inspire industry and the public sector to adopt new ways of working and develop better solutions.

Julie views design as a tool and a method that has the potential to connect different disciplines and as a systematic approach to exploring new territories to develop new and better solutions. Inspired by design thinking, she embraces an empathetic and experimental approach to problem-solving in her own work.

Currently, in the platform Future Fabrication, Julie is exploring the new markets that occur for the design field as advanced production technologies are becoming cheaper and more accessible, offering new ways of creating, developing and distributing products.

Prior to her position at the DDC, Julie has been involved in developing the maker movement in Denmark as head of the first Danish maker festival, MADE 2014, founded by Roskilde Festival. She is vice chairman of the board for Maker, a network organisation that aims to support and promote the maker movement in Denmark.

Twitter: MsHjort
Julie Hjort
* Summits are invitational one-day gatherings at the heart of Techfestival, each hosted by distinct thought leaders. Real talk on the topics where we need it most. A diverse group of experts within a specific field comes together to discuss the bigger picture, and to share and challenge best practices.

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