Film Screening: AI + Democracy

Tuesday, Sep 5
21:00 — 23:00
Access with wristband

Film Screening: AI + Democracy

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Screening of  Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen’s short film ‘Delphi’ (2016) followed by a panel discussion.

In the concluding remarks of her 1958 book “The Human Condition” political philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote:

The trouble with modern theories of behaviourism is not that they are wrong but that they could become true, that they actually are the best possible conceptualisation of certain obvious trends in modern society.

This remark was aimed at the growing tendency within the social sciences to regard human behaviour as a system of conditional habits, which could be modelled and predicted if only enough information on the system and it’s
environment was given.

In the age of machine learning and Big Data, Arendt’s concern seems as crucial as never before. A.I. is learning to predict human behaviour. This quality is in essence a power potential. To exercise power is to predict and direct the actions of others, and vice versa: Empowerment is the potential to act on your own.

The most remarkable behaviour predicting machines build today are well hidden within the grand data conglomerates of our time: Google, Facebook and so on. These conglomerates are accumulating power at a rate that poses an immediate threat to democracy.

About Delphi

Childhood friends Sigurd and Nikolaj have created ‘Delphi’, an ingenious app that helps people structuring their everyday life. The app is a soaring success, but Sigurd is questioning his own creation: Are people entrusting too many of their decisions to the app? Nikolaj struggles to keep both friendship and enterprise afloat, as Sigurd’s growing doubts threaten both.

About Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen

Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen is part of the alternative filmmaking program Super16 in Copenhagen, Denmark. His latest title, mini-series “Aarslev Enge” (2017), will be released in October. Moreover, he’s currently writing his master thesis at Copenhagen University on ‘fake news in a digital age’.

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