Film Screening: AI & Visual Culture

Friday, Sep 8
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Film Screening: AI & Visual Culture

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Series of short films and Q&A – hosted by Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen

At ‘AI & Art’, Copenhagen-based director Søren Langkjær Bojsen (‘Delphi’) will present an introduction to the fascinating universe of AI-aided art production with a focus on visual imagery. Starting with a brief note on pre-cursors to AI-based images, like James Whitney’s video art and Datomosh techniques, Søren Peter will then screen and discuss some examples of Google Deepdream-generated works (an reversed image recognition tool) and highlight its relevance in an art historical context. Eventually, he’ll introduce some contemporary tendencies in the field.

About Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen

Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen is part of the alternative filmmaking program Super16 in Copenhagen, Denmark. His latest title, mini-series “Aarslev Enge” (2017), will be released in October. Moreover, he’s currently writing his master thesis at Copenhagen University on ‘fake news in a digital age’.

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Photo credit: Deep Dream

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