The Future of Learning in the Digital Age

Tuesday, Sep 5
17:00 — 19:00
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The Future of Learning in the Digital Age

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The future is near. Changing our learning and teaching practices has become inevitable today. Yet, in schools, universities and corporate trainings change isn’t that straightforward.

In this meetup you’ll learn about best practices and global trends that disrupted the status quo and changed old education paradigms. Case studies from Denmark, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland and all over the world will shed light upon learning places of the future, active learning methods and the role of technology in the transformation of our learning practices.

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  • Introduction: Svenia Busson – ‘Global Edtech Trends and Best Practices’
  • ‘Where’ – Where to learn in the 21st century? Lene Jensby Lange on designing learning places of the future
  • ‘How’ – How to learn differently in the 21st century? – Case study of the Orestad Gymnasium by Allan Kjaer Andersen
  • ‘What about technology?’ – How will technology be used in learning in the next decade? -The case of AI in Ed


Svenia is an Edtech entrepreneur and explorer. With the Edtech Tours, she travels the world to shed light upon best practices in education innovation. She pu­blished a report about global Edtech perspectives and local insights, where she preaches for „more Ed less Tech“, emphasizing the importance of pedagogy and teacher training. She is now founding LearnSpace, France‘s first Edtech Cluster, where she wants to accelerate Edtech startups.

Basti Hirsch is an education activist from Berlin. He’s been working with school founders and innovative teachers for the past ten years. On education expeditions across Germany, the U.S., and Rwanda he’s been trying to find glimpses of how we will learn in the future. Basti is among the cofounders of Schule im Aufbruch, a NGO that helps teachers/parents/students to transform their school. School construction and pedagogical architecture are his most recent interests.

Lene is the founder and director of Autens, a leading future schools consultancy in Denmark. Autens engages in transformation and redesign of learning, curriculum, learning spaces and school buildings. She and her team work with schools, local authorities, charities, architects etc to inspire innovation and change and often undertake con-amore initiatives. Co-creation with teachers and learners is a strong core of most things they do. Lene also lead the Global Schools’ Alliance, a network for some of the worlds’ most inspiring schools that impact education far beyond their local reach. Her mission is to inspire people to dream, to believe, to be bold and to act – in brief, to change schools.

Allan Kjær Andersen is the Principal of Ørestad Gymnasium in Copenhagen. His school is renowned for its innovative learning environment with open spaces instead of traditional classrooms, its strong emphasis on media skills and fully digitalised learning material.

Photo credit: Roman Mager // Special Thanks to Area9 Learning

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