Future of Urban Mobility Meetup

Tuesday, Sep 5
15:00 — 16:30
Access with wristband

Future of Urban Mobility Meetup

Mobility, Future cities,

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Smart phones entered our lives about 10 years ago. Today, it’s hard to imagine exploring a new city without asking your favorite mobility aggregation App where to go, and increasing number of mobility services can be purchased on that same phone.

In the meanwhile, commuters continue to either feel stuck in their cars hitting daily traffic queues, or they take train plus a bus or a bike to get to work. Either way, there is room to improve our daily commute experiences.


In this meetup, we will focus on the following three questions:

What would be a dream scenario for urban mobility in the next 10-20 years?

What are the key challenges to get there?

What is the role of government in terms of both regulation and how it spends its money?



  • 15.00 Doors open
  • 15.30 Welcome by moderator Erdem Ovacik, Donkey Republic
  • 15.35 Presenters each have 5 min to introduce thoughts on the future of mobility:
    • Lars Dyrhagen, Public Policy Consultant, (ex-Uber)
      From 2015 to 2017, Lars was Head of Public Policy for Uber. He has special industrial experience in smart mobility, energy and aviation.
    • Anna Thormann, Project Lead Transport, Gate21
      Through the project Moving People, Anna is working to create maximum mobility for citizens to minimize CO2 emissions through the municipal planning of mobility and collaboration.
    • Søren Have, Managing Consultant, Rambøll Management Consulting
      Søren is a firm believer that the future of transport and mobility can be positively affected by the sharing economy and technological development.
    • Klaus Bondam, CEO, Danish Cyclists’ Federation
      The Danish Cyclists’ Federation is the organization that places cycling on the political agenda in Denmark. Klaus is former Technical Mayor of Copenhagen.
    • Torben Andersen, CEO, Green Mobility
      GreenMobility want to challenge status quo, with transport solutions suited for modern urban living. They offer electric city cars on a pay per minute basis.
  • 16.05 Panel discussion with Erdem as moderator
  • 16.35 Questions from guests and participants
  • 17.00 Thank you and see you in the Meatpacking District
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