Future Technologies for the Growing Food Demand

Friday, Sep 6
13:00 — 15:00

Future Technologies for the Growing Food Demand

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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Is CRISPR, 3D Print and Seaweed the Right Way to Feed 2 Billion More People?

For 6 months, experts on AI, environment, nutrition and technologies for food production are on a mission to work together to find solutions against one of today’s most pressing dilemmas: How will we feed 2 billion more people by 2050 all the while changing human beings’ behavior and food production methods to respond to the climate crisis?

We will all need food to survive, but today’s food production is far from sustainable. Experts on food and tech will introduce you to three new sustainable ways to feed 10 billion human beings.

We are inviting you to share thoughts and findings, and listen to your responses to our recommendations before the writing of our final report in October. Are you ready for gene editing to boost organic vegetables, re-eat a 3D print of your food leftovers or fill your plate with seaweed? 

Join our session, participate in the interactive debate and vote for useful food solutions.

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Ida Auken (DK) – MP, former Minister for Environment and chairman of the SIRI-commission

Thomas Damkjær-Petersen (DK) – Chairman of The Danish Society of Engineers, chairman of the SIRI-commission

Anders Hvid (DK) – Co-founder and Managing Partner at DareDisrupt, member of SIRI-commission

Afton Halloran (DK) – Freelance Consultant in Sustainable Food Systems Transitions & External Consultant to the Nordic Food Policy Lab 

Ane Haldrup (DK) – Copenhagen University

Camilla Udsen (DK) – Danish Consumer Council


The SIRI-commission is a gathering of technologists, union leaders, small and big tech companies and universities. The SIRI-commission was started in 2016 and is lead by MP Ida Auken and Head of Society of Danish Engineers Thomas Damkjær Petersen. The purpose is to create a focus on how AI and tech influence the Danish Society with possibilities and challenges for the Danish citizens.

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