The Glass Room by Tactical Technology Collective

Tuesday, Sep 5, 6, 7 & 8
Access with wristband

The Glass Room by Tactical Technology Collective

Surveillance, Technology, Data, Cyber Security,

Do you feel like your digital self is slipping out of control?
Have you let yourself install too many apps, clicked “agree” a few too many times, lost track of how many accounts you’ve created? Perhaps you feel you’re not as in control of your digital life as you’d like to be.

The exhibition The Glass Room explores how new technologies are shaping and changing our lives and societies. You can discover what data is collected on you and why. And you can find out more about the choices you can make to change it.

At The Data Detox Bar you can explore your own data traces and learn how to use a selection of free, alternative apps. You can also take away our free Data Detox Kit to complete your own privacy makeover in just eight days.

This exhibition is based on The Glass Room New York (2016), produced and presented by Tactical Tech and Mozilla especially for Techfestival 2017

You can find the Exhibition at Techfestival Main Area in the Container City.

Presented by Tactical Technology Collective

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