Global Tech for Local Food

Thursday, Sep 5
17:30 — 19:30

Global Tech for Local Food

This session is part of Techfestival: a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with 200+ events on humans and technology.
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The Future of Food is Open-Source!

To feed the ever-growing population of the world in a fully responsible way, the combination of food and technology should be embraced with the right principles. We want to establish a decentralised food system, that uses the power of technology to make local production of healthy, sustainable and great tasting food accessible anywhere on the planet.

What if the solutions that provide nutritious, tasty and sustainable food were openly accessible?
What if you could download a starter-pack for automated farming, mushroom cultivation or alternative proteins with instructions and materials easily available?
What if there was a global community of capable people with different skillsets ready to help you realise your food dreams?

We are inviting you inside the creation of a tangible next-step plan for how to make powerful food production technologies openly available in a global Foodtech library.

We invite you to co-answer the following key questions:

  • How might we build an open-source library of future-positive food technologies that foster local food resilience?
  • How do we make sure that these are fully accessible and easy to implement anywhere in the world?
  • How can we use this to integrate the rural, peri-urban and urban areas as coherent local food systems?

Are you a chef, farmer, engineer, designer, food professional, activist or simply a fiery soul who wants to improve the way our food system works? Then join the mission to create an open-source food system, as we shape the “Internet of Food”, using the same open approach that made the internet so powerful.

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Frederik Lean (DK)

Apart from being Co-founder & CCO of Nordetect, a lab-on-a-chip biosensor for agriculture, Frederik is one of the core initiators of the food tech NGO, Foodstack Community,  where he has been leading the open-source vertical farming project Growstack. Being an economist, a nerd and a plant lover and working with food technology has led him to understand how communities of humans are the front and center in the quest for a future-positive food system.

Louise Beck Brønnum (DK)

Louise is the Head of TASTELAB at Restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen.
Working within the frames of holistic cuisine, Louise, a Food-Engineer and Gastro-Physicist, helps the kitchen to explore new techniques by using high-tech machines. Their aim is to be an open-source institution for other restaurants & food enthusiast.

Simon Holstener (DK)

Simon is a lead at the Foodstack initiative Growstack, where he works on enabling Vertical Farming in the Nordics through open-source technologies and knowledge sharing. He is currently finalising an MSc in Tech-Anthropology at AAU CPH, where he focuses on designing and implementing solutions for sustainable transitions in agriculture.

Analisa Winther (US)

Analisa is a FoodTech ecosystem developer with a focus on enabling a sustainable food system. A connector, she consults for the Finnish food & beverage company Paulig Group’s corporate venture capital arm investing in the future future of taste. Analisa also hosts the Nordic FoodTech Podcast.

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